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Snug Cottage 4100-2SS Satin Stainless Quick Katch Latch 2"

Snug Cottage 4100-2SS Satin Stainless Quick Katch Latch 2"

Satin Stainless Quick Katch Latch 2"
Part Number:SNU_41002SS
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Snug Cottage 4100-2SS Satin Stainless Quick Katch Latch 2"
Snug Cottage is thrilled to introduce and distribute the Quick Catch from GateCatch.com in the United Kingdom to the United States and Canada. We think this latch is just brilliant.
Everything about this latch is topnotch. It is made from stainless steel to last, it is simple to install and use, it can be used from both
directions (if the hinges swing both ways),but best of all just push the gate shut and it self latches. Those of us who have taken a mare and foal through a gate will greatly appreciate the simplicity of using this latch. This same simplicity and ease of action make it ideal for wheel chair accessible installations.
  • Simple to use
  • The gate opens easily from horseback or from the ground; from a wheelchair or even whilst holding a wheelbarrow, a pair of crutches or a dog.
  • Two-way opening gate so you are always moving forward through the gate
  • The gate closes with a push; no need to reverse back to the gate to close it.
  • Locked back in the middle every time, all the time.
  • Not affected by normal gate sag.
  • Fitted in minutes.
  • Lockable with a padlock from either side if desired (padlock not included)
  • A rugged construction: they last a lifetime and beyond
  • Perfect for wooden, plastic or metal gates
Quick Catch is excellent for use with livestock when installed as directed.
It is imperative that the distance between the gate and the post be maintained at the recommended distance. Therefore, periodic attention to this is required. Should the space change due to gate sagging or post movement the latch will not function properly.

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